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I had the opportunity to attend Joe Fahmy’s “Trading Big Winners” Seminar this past weekend at the Harvard Club in New York and came away thoroughly impressed by the depth and quality of the material he covered. The seminar lasted over 10 hours and was easily the most comprehensive session on trading I have seen. Many traders have only been exposed to parts or pieces of a trading methodology, but Joe basically covers his entire trading methodology including market analysis techniques, position sizing, screening for stocks and managing entries and exits.

While it is well known that Joe is a believer in William O’Neil’s philosophy’s, his course was not simply a rehash of the popular book “How to Make Money in Stocks”. Joe goes into great detail on how he has developed his unique rules and shares many of the lessons he has learned over the years. Being a friend of Joe’s, I was already pretty familiar with his trading style, but I still learned some new tricks and benefited from exposure to his methodology.

I think especially if you are a beginning or struggling trader, that this is a seminar well worth attending. While it is impossible to transfer 16 years of knowledge in a single day, the course was very well structured and included tons of material that traders were able to take with them along with a follow up session with each attendee. The 10 hour course may easily save aspiring traders exponentially more hours of learning time. The course was very well received by everyone in attendance and if you are looking to improve as a trader, you should definitely check it out.

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