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While I’ve been increasingly bearish recently, I have to admit I am finding some decent charts to the long side in my recent homework sessions. I’m not ready to start committing too much capital to these ideas yet, but I am patiently adding these stocks to my watch list. The indexes remain very vulnerable here, and the possibility of a much deeper correction is still pretty high. The markets have been under distribution for the past few weeks and the participation in the rally has been decreasing for the past several months.

However, one of the most important traits for a trader to have is the ability to remain disconnected and staying open minded to all possibilities. Despite the fact that the markets may be headed lower, I remain open to the idea that the market could find footing near current levels and head higher. There are multiple scenarios that could unfold, including a shakeout lower, a shakeout higher, or anything in between. The Mclellan Oscillator, which is one of the short term indicators I follow is starting to get to oversold levels.

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While no indicator is fool proof, I would at least be very leery of pressing shorts when this indicator gets below -150 through -300. My preferred approach is to sit mostly in cash here and wait for either a quick plunge that would setup a good opportunity for a snap back rally, or even more prolonged sideways trading. In either scenario, my preference is to stick with what is strong, rather than trying to find value in beaten up stocks. Some of the stocks that I think are worth tracking are (no annotations necessary):

Baidu, Inc. (Nasdaq: BIDU ) Inc. (Nasdaq: SOHU )

Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation (NYSE: RL )

Sotheby’s Common Stock (NYSE: BID )

The markets look lower, but if they don’t go down, then I will be ready. The important thing is to remain open minded and patient.

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