I am a Trader

  • a trader ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS, thinks of risk first
  • a trader understands the game is rigged and makes no excuses about it
  • a trader is patient
  • a trader understands that the market adapts and forces the trader to adapt with it
  • a trader understands there is no such thing as a sure thing, or free money
  • a trader is humble and understands they can’t understand every move in the market
  • a trader is disciplined
  • a trader is persistent (it takes a lot of time to absorb a feel for the markets)
  • a trader realizes that it is not their place to determine what is or isn’t “irrational behavior”
  • a trader understands they will not catch every move
  • a trader always has an exit plan

I am a trader, are you?


Feel free to add your own in the comments section as I’m sure I missed many


Good Trading,



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